Il parco di Portofino

We have been talking about Camogli in one of the posts: a beautiful and picturesque little town definitively worth an evening walk.

That very place is one of the preferred access points for Portofino Natural Park: a promontory of 1000 hectares, traffic free nature.

So if you are into a medium to intense hiking rather than a quiet evening walk, the park is where you want to go.


A view of the park taken from Camogli’s promenade

Inside the woods you can walk safely for more than 80 km of clearly indicate trails but you shall be ready for a bit of challenge going up and down the coast.

Start walking away from civilization in this little fairy corner. The tracks will lead you through the woods to tiny little villages with little signs of modernity and you’ll be amazed and delighted by the seascapes. Just make sure you take such adventure with comfortable shoes, good breath and a lot of water! By the way, you may not want to forget your snorkel and mask!



Musei di Strada Nuova


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Fancy discovering the cultural side of Genoa? Buy a museum card, valid some 24 or 48 hours. The latter option is the best as gives you the opportunity to visit also the maritime museum.

There is a special alley in the city called via Garibaldi, former Strada Nuova. Palazzo Bianchi, Palazzo Rosso and palazzo Tursi are located right there and are part of a set of magnificent buildings. By the way, you should definitely check out on a good guide the history of the city and the peculiar sistema dei Rolli.

Via Garibaldi, especially in sunny summer mornings has a special atmosphere and walking along feel free to spy through the gates some nice gardens or halls. On the west end of the street you will find the museums and also the tourist centre.

But let’s see in brief what you can find in the museums…

Palazzo Rosso is quite impressive for its internal decorations, especially in the princess rooms. Among the three I feel it’s the most impressive.

Palazzo Bianchi is more simple in internal decorations but rich in classical paintings while Palazzo Tursi, its extension contains various exhibitions. You might have heard about Mr. Paganini, the famous Italian violinist, two of his violins are preserved here.

Trekking at Lago Tina – Arenzano


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The most scenic trekking trail (so far) with breath-taking views on beautiful steep valleys with a distant sea background.


The trail is very well preserved and indicated

Starting just above Arenzano, some 30 minutes from home, the walk takes about 4 hours and calls for trekking boots. fullsizeoutput_8b0bIt is the ideal destination for a longer but not too difficult walk in the nature. The trail is well indicated and runs on the valley of a small river that every now and then you can appreciate from the top. Reaching the access point is very easy, just navigate to Via Pecorara, Arenzano; just after the restaurant there are some parking places.

The lake Tina is actually quite small but it’s very nice to take a rest on the rocks and maybe have a meal.

Finally, if you are into nature and walking, put you trekking boots in your luggage and let’s go to Arenzano.




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Sunset in a warm spring afternoon, the weekenders left and a relaxed sense of quiet helps the Sunday fading away. The boats rest in the picturesque harbor enjoying the last rays of light.fullsizeoutput_8af2 The fishermen village is left to its own elegant beauty.

Walking in Camogli, feels like walking in a different time but not one so far away: The good old times of aristocratic holidays in the Riviera, somewhere in the sixties maybe?

This is definitely one of the most precious pearls hidden somewhere outside Genoa, along the beautiful east coast, riviera di Levante. Its tall buildings are an explosion of colors and decorations while the sea views amazing.

Getting there

Camogli is few kilometers outside of Genoa, reachable by car, but train can be much better as there is not too much parking. Otherwise ferry boat is a good option from Porto Antico, maybe while enjoying other villages on the gulf.

Better enjoy it outside of tourism peaks such as weekends but charming in every season.


da Maria



Maria is the antithesis of modern world and its way to feed yourself at lunch, maybe a sandwich in an appealing touristic bar or to a restaurant if you have time and money for it.


Maria, the legendary, passed away few years back but her pictures and her spirit remained in her trattoria.

Maria is for those that want to have genuine homemade food, exactly like what your Genovese grandma would prepare if you passed by her after school and… without complaints about her senility.

No decorations, no formalities, just what you are looking for: simple dishes from local cuisine to experience something deeper about the city you are visiting: la cucina casalinga.


Via di Ravecca



I often call this old street the gastronomic street of Genoa. Starting from porta Soprana, the big city gate above Columbus’ house, runs along one of the ancient city walls up to the piazza S.Agostino. 

This is the ideal place for both lunch and dinner, offering a variety of options: bakeries making focaccia or other street food, little simple restaurants or rosticcerie, where you can buy a quick meal, or more sophisticated osterie like e prië rosse.

So this is the ideal destination if you are looking for:

  • Vegan
  • Red thick meat
  • Fast food but good
  • Nice dinner
  • Toasts
  • Wine
  • Whatever 

The area closer to S. Agostino is more active at lunch time while you may want to try one of the osterie along the street with us for one of the next posts!

Monte Fasce

Would you like to have a superb view and reach it comfortably by car? Okay maybe the road is not that comfortable and you may need some driving skills, but you can fill the trunk with food and beverages and go for a picnic on the sky-deck of Genoa.

Actually, it’s probably worth having a motorbike just to jump on the saddle and climb the road that brings to Monte Fasce.



Forte Diamante


Ready for the challenge?

Pack up your hiking boots and come with us to the Forte Diamante, one of the many forts located at the top of the mountains dominating Genova.  The place is reachable by hiking and the enterprise is definitively achievable, you may just want to have with you a wind jacket and some good shoes. There are few things satisfying as much as climbing the top of a mountain and see the world far away below.


Staglieno Monumental Cemetery



Talking a walk in the graveyard may not seem an happy plan or a romantic route, but the monumental cemetery of Staglieno is definitively worth visiting especially if you love architecture and sculpture.

Three kilometers north of Brignole Station, you can reach it easily by car or bus. At the main entrance you can find a guide to help you not missing the best artwork.

The beauty of the memorial sculptures will bring alive the souls that live into the eternal forest; you will have the feeling you get to know some of them by crossing their gaze.

Kamun Lab

This is one famous artisan brewery in the centro storico of Genoa.


Engin liked!

Stepping in you will find a really authentic atmosphere and, on the left side, a couple of chalkboards listing the available beers. If you like beers this is a must for a refreshing stop and, given the gold medals earned in Brussels, we believe you will be happy!

Some aperitivo will be available as well if you ask!