I often call this old street the gastronomic street of Genoa. Starting from porta Soprana, the big city gate above Columbus’ house, runs along one of the ancient city walls up to the piazza S.Agostino. 

This is the ideal place for both lunch and dinner, offering a variety of options: bakeries making focaccia or other street food, little simple restaurants or rosticcerie, where you can buy a quick meal, or more sophisticated osterie like e prië rosse.

So this is the ideal destination if you are looking for:

  • Vegan
  • Red thick meat
  • Fast food but good
  • Nice dinner
  • Toasts
  • Wine
  • Whatever 

The area closer to S. Agostino is more active at lunch time while you may want to try one of the osterie along the street with us for one of the next posts!