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Sunset in a warm spring afternoon, the weekenders left and a relaxed sense of quiet helps the Sunday fading away. The boats rest in the picturesque harbor enjoying the last rays of light.fullsizeoutput_8af2 The fishermen village is left to its own elegant beauty.

Walking in Camogli, feels like walking in a different time but not one so far away: The good old times of aristocratic holidays in the Riviera, somewhere in the sixties maybe?

This is definitely one of the most precious pearls hidden somewhere outside Genoa, along the beautiful east coast, riviera di Levante. Its tall buildings are an explosion of colors and decorations while the sea views amazing.

Getting there

Camogli is few kilometers outside of Genoa, reachable by car, but train can be much better as there is not too much parking. Otherwise ferry boat is a good option from Porto Antico, maybe while enjoying other villages on the gulf.

Better enjoy it outside of tourism peaks such as weekends but charming in every season.