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Fancy discovering the cultural side of Genoa? Buy a museum card, valid some 24 or 48 hours. The latter option is the best as gives you the opportunity to visit also the maritime museum.

There is a special alley in the city called via Garibaldi, former Strada Nuova. Palazzo Bianchi, Palazzo Rosso and palazzo Tursi are located right there and are part of a set of magnificent buildings. By the way, you should definitely check out on a good guide the history of the city and the peculiar sistema dei Rolli.

Via Garibaldi, especially in sunny summer mornings has a special atmosphere and walking along feel free to spy through the gates some nice gardens or halls. On the west end of the street you will find the museums and also the tourist centre.

But let’s see in brief what you can find in the museums…

Palazzo Rosso is quite impressive for its internal decorations, especially in the princess rooms. Among the three I feel it’s the most impressive.

Palazzo Bianchi is more simple in internal decorations but rich in classical paintings while Palazzo Tursi, its extension contains various exhibitions. You might have heard about Mr. Paganini, the famous Italian violinist, two of his violins are preserved here.