We have been talking about Camogli in one of the posts: a beautiful and picturesque little town definitively worth an evening walk.

That very place is one of the preferred access points for Portofino Natural Park: a promontory of 1000 hectares, traffic free nature.

So if you are into a medium to intense hiking rather than a quiet evening walk, the park is where you want to go.


A view of the park taken from Camogli’s promenade

Inside the woods you can walk safely for more than 80 km of clearly indicate trails but you shall be ready for a bit of challenge going up and down the coast.

Start walking away from civilization in this little fairy corner. The tracks will lead you through the woods to tiny little villages with little signs of modernity and you’ll be amazed and delighted by the seascapes. Just make sure you take such adventure with comfortable shoes, good breath and a lot of water! By the way, you may not want to forget your snorkel and mask!